Seniors Sign, Too!  Flash Cards by D'yann Elaine

Seniors Sign, Too! Flash Cards by D'yann Elaine

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Introducing Seniors Sign Too Flash Cards by D'yann Elaine, a Michigan-made product proudly featured in our Books/Education department. Created by D'yann Elaine, these flash cards offer a valuable resource for learning American Sign Language (ASL) specifically tailored to seniors and their caregivers in Michigan. Highlighted features of Seniors Sign Too Flash Cards: - Michigan Made: Crafted with care in Michigan, showcasing local talent and expertise in ASL education. - Comprehensive Set: The flash cards cover a wide range of signs and phrases, helping seniors and their caregivers communicate effectively. - Easy-to-Use Format: Each flash card features a clear illustration of a sign on the front and a detailed explanation on the back, making it easy to learn and practice ASL. - Practical Application: The flash cards focus Seniors Sign Too Seniors Flash Cards by D'yann Elaine

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